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Drop List AzuraKO
Colony Zone
barrkk=tooth+8/gold coin
lobo=lobo hammer+5/lobo staff+5/lobo pendant+0
lycaon=lycaon hammer+5/lycaon staff+5/lyacon pendant+0
lupus=lupus hammer+5/lupus staff+5/lupus pendant+0
shaula=tail of shaula/scorpion shield+5/chitin bow+5
lesath=scorpion bow+5/tail of lesath
samma=giantic axe+5/two=handed sword+5/gold coin
javana=giantic axe+5/gold coin
bach=ring of life+0/elf ring+0/gold coin
bishop=ring of magic+0/agate ring+0/gold coin
duke=ring of courage+0/diamond ring+0/gold coin
bone collecter=silan bone
orc bandit leader=bracelet of orc bandit
harpy queen=mage earring+0/cleric earring+0
talos=rogue earring+0/warrior earring+0/glass belt+0
snake queen=iron necklace+0/crystal necklace+0
troll king=iron belt+0/string of skull+0/elemental necklace+0
Atross=Shoulder of Power/Gold Bar/tp friends
Riote=Silver Bar/Gold Coin/tp friends
[Artifact Ronark Land]=800 Nps
bi-frost monument=450 Nps
karus tower=650 Nps
Human tower=650 Nps
Slant Human and Karus
deruvich founder=silver ring+0/gold ring+0/crystal ring+0
troll berserker=raptor+8/mirage+8
troll captain=iron bow+8/deep scar+8
dread mare=iron impact+8/blade axe+8
dark mare=shard+8
dark stone=elixir staff+8
falcon=priest impact+8
brahman=totamic spear+4
dark knight=rogue chitin armor helmet/pads/pauldron (+8)
evil wizard=rogue chitin armor gauntlet/boots (+8)
crimson wing=crimson robe/pants/helmet (+8)
harpy=crimson gloves/boots (+8)
apostle of piercing cold=priest chitin armor helmet/pads/pauldron (+8)
giant golem=priest chitin armor gauntlet/boots (+8)
troll warrior=chitin armor helmet/pads/pauldron (+8)
troll shaman=chitin armor gauntlet/boots (+8)
Doom Soldier=priest cap/shoes/gloves (+8)
Chipotera=fabric pants/coat (+8)
harpy queen=mage earring+0/cleric earring+0
talos=rogue earring+0/warrior earring+0/glass belt+0
snake queen=iron necklace+0/crystal necklace+0
troll king=iron belt+0/string of skull+0/elemental necklace+0
Under the Castle
dark stallion=certificate of under the castle
stallion War=certificate of under the castle
dark machine terror=certificate of under the castle
arab beyond=certificate of under the castle
fletcher´s death=certificate of under the castle
snake defender=100 Nps
devil boss=100 Nps
hell pet=100 Nps
inferno=150 Nps
hell employee=150 Nps
dark sorcerer=150 Nps
dragon inferno=250 Nps
horse of flame=certificate of party
dark swordsman=Certificate of party
shattering gold=certificate of party
DRAGON CASTLE=Old Shoulder +0
attila=warrior pendant+0/elemental pendant+0/priest pendant+0
Venchar=Diamond of Venchar
Ibex=Diamond of Ibex
Crisis=Diamond of Crisis
King=Diamond of King
havoc=shio tears+0/imir ring+0/flame ring+0
cruel=legionnaire band+0/heros valor+0/foverin+0
enigma=minotaurs earring+0/lichkingspride+0
hell fire=howling rooster+0/lillimes enticement+0
Medusa King=Certificate of Glory/skeleton belt+0/Flame Necklace (+0)
[Artifact of PvP]=250 Nps
ego=fragment of arrogance
glutton=fragment of gluttony
wratch=fragment of rage
sloth=fragment of sloth
ust=fragment of lechery
envy=fragment of jealousy
greed=fragment of avarice
messenger of the god pathos=
ULTIMA=iron necklace+0/iron belt+0/Diamond of Ultima
Dark Land Human and Karus
minotaur=Diamond of Minotaur/exceptional raptor+8/deep scar+8
lillime=Diamond of Lillime/exceptional iron bow+8/blade axe+8
leech king=Diamond of Leech King/exceptional elixir staff+8/impact+8
cockatrice=Diamond of Cockatrice/exceptional shard+8/totamic spear+8
bone dragon=Diamond of Bone Dragon/exceptional iron impact+8/priest impact+8
howling ross=Diamond of Howling Rosster/mirage+8
Juraid Mountain
Guardian 1St juraid=One Teleporter
Guardian 2St juraid=Two Teleporter
Guardian 3St juraid=Three Teleporter
Shaitan=Certificate of Glory/Flame Belt (+0)
earth worm=gold coin
babaanne worm=gold coin
worm=gold coin
Blood Worm=silver coin
Sultan=Flame Ring (+0)/gold bar
Artifact of Bdw=800 Nps
Felankor Lairs
Felankor Myni=Gameguards Shields (+5)/Chitin Shield (+5)
FELANKOR=ring of felankor +0/Diamond of Felankor
Isiloon Lairs
Isiloon Myni=Gameguards Shields (+5)/Nonflammable Shield (+5)
ISILOON=iron necklace+0/iron belt+0/Diamond of Isiloon
Boss Event for Diamond
Deva Bird=Diamond of Deva bird
Volcanic Rock=Diamond of Volcanic Rock